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Let’s setup your computer (15 mins)

With a few easy steps you’ll be setup and ready to accept your first shift.

Before you begin, please locate your Dynata Login Credentials. You may have received them via email, text, or in your Shiftsmart App Messages. Below is an example of what credentials look like:
Username: ssm123456
Password: !Welcome1234

If you cannot find the email:
- Search your inbox for an email from:
- Check your spam/junk inbox
- It can take up to 24 hours after completing your in-app application to receive your login credential email
- If none of the above have worked, but you have your credentials via text or Shiftsmart App message, don't worry! You have all you need.
- If you are still missing your credentials, please message us in-app or contact

Step 1 - Setup multi-factor authentication

Step 2 - Download and install our VPN

Step 3 - Login to our VPN

Step 4 - Login to our interviewer app

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